Simple Distance & City Lights Re-release + Bonus Tracks!


The rights to Simple Distance and City Lights have reverted back to me from the label both records were signed to. This happened much earlier than expected and is huge for The Workday Release. It means every time you stream one of the songs or purchase one of the records, the money goes directly to me!


To celebrate, I've re-released both records with a few bonus tracks! I would love it if you would dive back into these records wherever it is you listen to music in light of these new circumstances.

I'm also hosting a contest you can enter on Instagram (@theworkdayrelease). I'm giving away 3 signed original polaroids used on the cover of Simple Distance, a Simple Distance t-shirt, a City Lights t-shirt & the jacket I wore on the cover of City Lights

Thank you so much for your support! It never goes unnoticed.

Much love,