Explain a Tweet - "You can be whatever you want to be as soon as you want to be it"

Recently I tweeted "You can be whatever you want to be as soon as you want to be it" and I'm not just trying to be the cheeky go-follow-your-dreams guy, so let me explain...

I think we all know that social media has created a boom in bands, photographers, actors, fitness enthusiasts, models, etc.

It's easier than ever to create a brand and look professional while doing it.

But there's also this attitude among some already "established" individuals in these fields that makes them look down on anyone attempting to get started.

I saw this post from some guy recently that said something like "No, just because your friend has a fancy camera and you pose for him doesn't make you a model."

At what point are you a model then? When someone pays you for doing so? How much money does it need to be to earn you the title of model? $100,000? $5,000? $.025? 

If you sing, you're a singer.  If you dance, you're a dancer. If you paint, you're a painter. If you and your friends make movies together, you're actors and directors.

I don't understand this arrogance creative people attain when they suddenly feel possessive of nouns whose meaning come from verbs. 

Everyone starts somewhere and when someone decides to get started, we should encourage them for being brave enough to do so.

So be whatever you want to be and don't let money, or anyone else tell you what your goals or hard work is worth.

I will say that humility and class are rare in people pursuing these passions.  They tend to bring too much focus to the individual pursuing them.  So make sure you surround yourself with good people and learn not to take yourself too seriously.

You can feel good dreaming big cause assholes are pretty small.

That's all for now.