Simple Distance & City Lights Re-release + Bonus Tracks!


The rights to Simple Distance and City Lights have reverted back to me from the label both records were signed to. This happened much earlier than expected and is huge for The Workday Release. It means every time you stream one of the songs or purchase one of the records, the money goes directly to me!


To celebrate, I've re-released both records with a few bonus tracks! I would love it if you would dive back into these records wherever it is you listen to music in light of these new circumstances.

I'm also hosting a contest you can enter on Instagram (@theworkdayrelease). I'm giving away 3 signed original polaroids used on the cover of Simple Distance, a Simple Distance t-shirt, a City Lights t-shirt & the jacket I wore on the cover of City Lights

Thank you so much for your support! It never goes unnoticed.

Much love,


New Album "Bad Bad Butterfly"

Hi friends,

I'm so excited to announce that production has begun on The Workday Release's next album "Bad Bad Butterfly". I have so much to share with you about the title and these songs. I'm making videos of the entire recording process, so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel

Here's a video of me announcing the record and highlighting one of the new songs, something I'll be doing throughout production.

Thanks for watching and continuing to support The Workday Release :)

Much love,


013 You Don't See Me

013 of Songs from a Sketchbook, Pt. 2 is called "You Don't See Me" and you can check it out by clicking here.

You Don't See Me is about an invisible boy who's madly in love with a girl who, tragically, can't see him. However, he does have a voice and loves to sing. He believes whole heartedly that true love recognizes and adores the intangible qualities that make up a person. He decides all he can do is write her a song and hope that it helps her understand how he feels and why the truth of love is in the unseen. 

Hey there girl

I’m not sure what to say

I know for sure that this could sound strange

But I love you with all that I am

So this abstract boy is taking a chance


Cause I see all of your spirit

I see all of your fire

I see all that you carry deep

All you hold out of sight

I see all of your spirit

I see all of your fire 

I'll just have to keep singing

Cause you don't see me

No you don't see me

No you don't see me


Hey there girl

You don’t have to be scared

I won’t stay if you don’t want me near

But I must say that I do believe

The truth of love is in the unseen


Cause I see all of your spirit

I see all of your fire

I see all that you carry deep

All you hold out of sight

I see all of your spirit

I see all of your fire 

I'll just have to keep singing

Cause you don't see me

No you don't see me

No you don't see me

012 Your Gravity

012 of Songs from a Sketchbook, Pt. 2 is called "Your Gravity" and you can check it out by clicking here.

Your Gravity tells the story of an Astronaut who has completed a year long mission aboard the international space station and is reflecting on the unique perspective this time has given them before returning home to earth the next day. 

For one whole year

I've not known up from down 

Or the weight of my bones

But never has the pull I feel 

To your heart left me, dear


For one whole year

I've looked down from the stars

Instead of up to the clouds

But never has any view

Heaven or earth, come close to you


Come tomorrow

I'll be on my way back home

And looking down upon your face

Come tomorrow

I'll depart the great unknown

And safely fall fast asleep

Within your arms, your gravity


For one whole year

I have seen 

How small we are

How great the mystery

And now I've found that all I'll ever know

is you're the truth I am living for


Come tomorrow

I'll be on my way back home

And looking down upon your face

Come tomorrow

I'll depart the great unknown

And safely fall fast asleep

Within your arms, your gravity

011 Thunder

011 of Songs from a Sketchbook is called "Thunder" and you can check it out by clicking here.

Thunder is the story of an outlaw in the wild west who has escaped the justice of man time and time again. While on the run, he passes through a small town and meets a young woman. They fall in love and though he confesses to her all his wrongdoing, she accepts him. Time passes and he begins to feel confident he will never be caught by those who had been pursuing him. However, every night his dreams are filled with memories of violence and each morning he is sick with guilt as he comes to realize he is undeserving of the love he has found and the life he is living. Overwhelmed by the burden of his past, he decides one night to leave. He condemns himself to a life of aimless wandering certain that in his isolation and pain, justice is served.

I thought I was free of you now

Been a year since I last carried doubt 

But here comes the thunder fifty weeks after 

The lightning that struck our love down 


And I know that I am to blame 

I’ve always been somewhat obsessed with the rain 

And quick to say to goodbye in search of a new sky 

That will still leave me feeling the same 


Like no matter what 

She will not be enough 


What is it in my soul that runs from the sun back to the cold 

What is it in my soul that calls for the rain 

And delights in the thunder 


I can still hear you singing my name 

When I’m falling asleep 

Or exploring the plains 

No matter the distance 

Or my stubborn persistence  

I still end up feeling the same 


Like no matter what 

Time will not be enough 


What is it in my soul that runs from the sun back to the cold 

What is it in my soul that calls for the rain 

What is it in my soul that cannot forgive the sin I own 

It took me from you in light of the truth 

It calls for the rain and delights in the thunder 


I know it’s what I deserve 

To remember the violence I brought to the earth 

To suffer in silence without your insistence 

That I’m not who I was in those days 


Cause no matter what 

They lie still in the dust

Songs from a Sketchbook, Pt. 2

Hi friends,

I'm excited to announce that Songs from a Sketchbook, Pt. 2 has officially begun with a new song called "Thunder".

Part 1 of Sketchbook was written and recorded week to week and lyrically dealt with some very personal things I had been going though during that time, however, Part 2 will be a little different as I am also currently writing a new official full-length album simultaneously.  

I have very specific and different visions for the songs that will be on these two records and I'm excited for you to experience each in their own way. 

Regarding Sketchbook Part 2, this time I will be telling fictional stories lyrically and I'm excited to give you the background stories to each song so as to enhance your experience when listening. You can read about what inspired the lyrics for "Thunder" by clicking here.

Thank you so much for sticking with me and supporting The Workday Release. 

I have a lot of new music coming your way this year!

Much love,





FREE Six-Song Sampler Available at

Hi friends, is an awesome site that offers tons of music from artists, big and small, and all for FREE. This week they're featuring The Workday Release in their "New & Notable" section for which I put together a six-song sampler (two songs each from the last three records). This sampler is available for FREE download now by clicking here.

This is a great way to share my music with anyone you know of who hasn't heard The Workday Release before!

I appreciate your continued support and can't wait for you to hear the new songs I've been writing. Heading back into the studio very soon to start working on the next album. 

Much love,


Dark Pacific OUT NOW!


The Workday Release's new album Dark Pacific is out now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube and many other digital platforms!

I am so excited for you to finally have these songs.

A little about the record itself...

I wrote these songs in November of 2015. That's over a year ago! Since then, I released Songs from a Sketchbook Pt. 1 and even started writing part of Songs from a Sketchbook Pt. 2. Each record has been unique to itself and represented a different side of who I am as an individual and as an artist. I enjoy the big production of City Lights as much as the stripped down approach to Songs from a Sketchbook.

Musically, Dark Pacific was about capturing a certain feeling I have while sitting at the piano alone. This was the goal first and foremost. Each song is made up of vocal, piano and some ambient guitar in the background. Anything less and anything more would, in my opinion, betray the vision I had while writing this record. Lyrically, this record was about committing myself to being extremely vulnerable. The name Dark Pacific is a reference to the depths of the self. While writing this record, I was struggling immensely with feelings of isolation and my perspective of morality. Songwriting is an artistic process but also a completely safe place for me to wrestle with difficult things. 

I'm really proud of these songs. If you want to experience them the way I intended for them to be heard, get in a car late at night, either by yourself or with a few friends, and listen to it while driving. 

I hope you find something beautiful in each song.

Whatever your thoughts are on Dark Pacific, I want to hear them. Feel free to reach out to me here or on social media.

I look forward to it! 

Much love,


Dark Pacific | 3.10.17

Dearest friends,

We are exactly ONE WEEK from the release of The Workday Release's next record Dark Pacific.

Mark your calendars for next Friday March 10th, 2017!

Can't wait to hear what you think about this album.

Dark Pacific will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Youtube, Pandora and more.

Much love,


010 Blue Skies

010 of Songs from a Sketchbook is called "Blue Skies" and you can check it out by clicking here.

Back in July, I wrote down this poem in a journal...


There's nothing beneath me

No one that can save me

Just the chances I'm taking

And the mess I have made

There's a new hope awaiting

If I can own what's still breaking

Not obsess over fixing

Just accept what is mine


Have you ever felt stuck in life and powerless to do anything about it?

I felt this way back in July.

I had just ended a two year long relationship.

I had completely walked away from the Christian faith.

I had finished a new record for The Workday Release but was back to waiting on the actions of someone else in order to move forward on its release.

I was sad, lost, and frustrated with no idea what to do next.

It's easy in these situations to become fixated on the circumstances.

But I think quite often, the only thing in the way of our individual progress is ourselves and I believe this poem was my way of choosing to acknowledge that. 

Circumstances aside, the conflict that resulted within me was my own. 

If I learned anything through this project, it's that honesty leads to freedom.

I believe this is because honesty leads to honest conversation and honest conversation changes everything.

I wrote about feeling lost in 001 The Last Time I Was Home and the response to that song was overwhelming, to say the least. 

I received messages full of unique insight, reassuring validation, and encouraging advice.

Every time I released another song, I'd enter another intimate, honest conversation about what it's like to be human and my heart would shift.

It's like I had been anxiously holding my breath for a very long time and was finally able to exhale more and more with each song.

Peace came through vulnerability and I'm grateful because I didn't expect it.

There's a line in Blue Skies that says, "Once again, I feel like my name, not just a pretender."

I think that completely sums up how I felt while writing this tenth song.

It's not about feeling fixed. 

I don't necessarily feel like I have any more answers or any less questions than when I began.

It's not a song about arriving. It's about acknowledging the possibility of what comes next.

010 is about celebrating what's possible. It's about celebrating new hope. 

The kind of hope that felt far out of reach back in July. 

The kind of hope I felt while writing Blue Skies. 

Not some fragile feeling sparked by a turn of circumstances.

Hope doesn't mean that only good things are ahead.  

Hope for me was rooted in a return to faith; the kind of faith that helps me embrace whatever is.


009 Closed Eyes

009 of Songs from a Sketchbook is called "Closed Eyes" and you can check it out by clicking here.

If you could know for certain one thing about your future, what would it be?

I think how we answer that question really shows what we care about most.

Most of what I do throughout the day is in anticipation of and preparation for the future and I struggle with being present because of it. 

I watched this video recently where actor Jason Segel spoke about being present and he said, "I think you spend your twenties trying to get, I'm on the road to there. And then I think in my early have this realization that there is no there, this imaginary there, it just keeps moving equidistant away from you, so what I realized at some point was I need to find a model that is sustainable where I'm not constantly feeling like I haven't arrived yet, where I'm in a state of waiting for this thing to, you're in it, right now..."

I relate to this.

I'm constantly focused on that next task, that event that's right around the corner, that meeting that's coming up, that goal I'm trying to reach, that dream I'm trying to fulfill. 

I know I'm not alone in this. 

Whether out of fear, or excitement, or most likely a combination of both, a lot of us are future obsessed.  

Lately, however, I've been trying to remind myself to appreciate the process in everything I do and experience because I have this tendency to want to fast forward. 

When I was recording 001, I couldn't wait to be recording 010. 

That means that I couldn't wait to be two months into the future. TWO MONTHS.

Do you ever feel like some days you wake up and then blink and realize you're getting back into bed to go to sleep and the day just kind of escaped you? 

We have the ability to control how aware we are of the world around us.

I've tried to intentionally slow down my brain over the past few weeks because I believe life is found in the process and if I allow myself to become too concerned with what's coming next, I'll miss what's happening now.  

009 is about me pumping my perspective brakes hard before 010 is released.

It's about forcing myself to realize that as a human being, I have a limited view and can't always see the bigger picture. And while it's easy to become focused on looking ahead and getting somewhere else, it's really important to close my eyes, take a breath and remind myself that I'm in it right now. 

Right. Now.

Your turn.

Close your eyes. 

Take a breath.

What might you be missing?


008 Waiting on the Weather

008 of Songs from a Sketchbook is called "Waiting on the Weather" and you check it out by clicking here.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. 

I can't tell you how many songs I've written with the word "waiting" in it. 

It's my word. 

For eight years, I've struggled to make

I've started, stopped, changed, and quit a thousand times and I'm sure that hasn't helped me in any way at all. 

But it's hard! 

Just let me complain for a second before I start talking about this song that literally contains the lyric "I'm done with complaining".


You spend hours and hours creating a song. You spend thousands and thousands of dollars delivering it to an audience. You have millions and millions of plays. 

And then you go to work as a bartender because while millions of plays are nice, they don't pay your bills. 

It's just how it is and I could spend a lot of time talking about the decline of the music industry but I really, really, really am done with complaining. 

No excuses.

What am I waiting for? I'm done waiting.

It's within my power to change my situation and it's within my power to make Workday work and damnit, I'm going to do it. 

008 is about committing myself to my dream of making music my full time job by putting in the work.

It hasn't been easy, but I'm about to record 009 for Sketchbook this week and I am so proud of this project. 

I really do appreciate everyone that's listening. 

You sharing what I do with others and you supporting me is worth so much.

What are your dreams? What are you waiting for?


007 Sunlight

007 of Songs from a Sketchbook is called "Sunlight" and you can check it out by clicking here.

2016 was a tough year for me internally. 

Anyone who has listened to Songs from a Sketchbook or read one of these blogs knows I've been processing a lot.

I feel like 2016 was the year that the weight of everything I have ever done, said, thought, or believed hit me and I've been recovering ever since. 

I've been sorting through so much in my head and heart and Songs from a Sketchbook has been the tool I've used to do so. 

It's quite strange actually because this project has been about committing myself to details and rules that I have created, but that's just the logistical side. 

It's also been about me growing as a human being and each song has reflected an extremely vulnerable piece of who I am as well as a step forward in a larger transition I've been aware of since I began. 

007 was going to be a different song originally. I had a four song head start before I released 001 so that I could feel comfortable releasing one song a week while I continued to write others. If I wrote one I liked more, I just pushed the other songs I had saved to the following week. 

The song I had ready for 007 was a pretty angry song and I had been so excited to release it.

After releasing 006, however, it felt like taking a step backwards. 

Through expressing anger, and hopelessness, and frustration, I really have experienced freedom from those feelings. 

I want this project to reflect who I am and where I'm at. If I'm angry, I'm going to write an angry song. If I'm sad, I'm going to write a sad song.

This particular week I decided the song I had planned didn't reflect who I was anymore. The anger didn't resonate, so the song was no longer mine. 

Instead, I sat down and reflected on this feeling of freedom and new-ness and not wanting to return to a place of such darkness. 

Will I ever feel angry again? Yes. Will I ever feel sad again? Yes. 

I know these things. 

But that's just part of life. 

Happiness is such an empty pursuit. We're going to get it, and then we're going to lose it, and then we're going to get it, and then we're going to lose it again. 

What I'm learning is that if I understand and accept that life is a repeating cycle of ups and downs, I cherish the good times more and the bad times don't throw me as violently. 

007 is about cherishing the moment when you wake up and finally feel like yourself again. 

There are good pieces of me I thought were gone forever. 

I thought they were lost with innocence and couldn't be part of who I am now.

I thought that was just part of growing up and I'm glad that I was wrong. 

I've learned that so much of who we are and how we experience life is up to us. 

We get to decide.

It's the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is a feeling. Joy is a choice. It's an attitude. It doesn't mean you ignore the hard stuff. It means you operate with perspective no matter the circumstances.  

Today I feel free and waking up to such a feeling is a product of process and a gift. 

But now that the sun is up and I can see more clearly what needs fixing, I can act more intentionally and trust that the work I do now will sustain me even through the dark. 


006 Lost at Sea

006 of Songs from a Sketchbook is called "Lost at Sea" and you check it out by clicking here.

I mentioned a tattoo I have of a sailboat in one of my first blogs called Rolling with the Waves.

The short story is I thought it was a good reminder that as human beings we can't control what happens around us, but we can control how we react.  

This tattoo has another function I did not previously mention which is that if I ever get married, I plan on getting another sailboat tattooed next to it. 

I obviously have very specific views on marriage as you can tell by reading my blog for 003 Close. You might think after reading it that I don't believe in marriage or want to get married myself, but you'd be wrong. I can voice every concern I have regarding marriage and still say that it's something I want. 

I just believe it's going to take a very, very, very specific person. 

Anyways, back to the tattoo.

I'm the kind of person that only takes seriously the things I take seriously. It doesn't matter how important or sacred something is to someone else or any number of other people. I will still look at it and have to decide its worth for myself. 

So, I understand that for a very long time a wedding ring has represented the lifelong commitment between two people, but at the end of the day that's all it is...a symbol. 

And it doesn't matter how much you spend or what it's made out of, a ring goes on as easily as it comes off. 

I'm not saying I won't wear one some day, but I wanted something with meaning more unique to me and what I believe.

This song is about that side of my tattoo.

I've written a lot of love songs for Workday. For the most part, they've been songs for other people. I know Mr. & Mrs. Beautiful has been played at a lot of weddings. That blows my mind. When people tell me it was their first dance song, I have a hard time even understanding how something I created got to play that role in someone else's life. 

It's beautiful.

But it was always a song for someone else, for them, for you.

This song is for me, and I needed to write a love song for me. Most of Songs from a Sketchbook is pretty sad and vulnerable. This song is happy, but no less vulnerable. 

Because it's not easy for me to voice openly what I hope for. 

What if I don't get it?

Considering how honest I've been aiming to be with this project, it felt wrong to avoid expressing this side of my humanity. I've spent a good amount of time trying to distance myself from the guy who has a reputation for writing cheesy love songs because I wanted to be taken more seriously. 

But expressing hope, doesn't make one weak. At least I think that's what I'm learning as I'm writing this. 

So, 006 is a hopeful response to 003. 

One day, I hope I meet someone who makes me feel confident and excited about adding that second sailboat to my arm. 

A lifelong symbol for a lifelong commitment. 


005 In Fire

005 of Songs from a Sketchbook is called "In Fire" and you can check it out by clicking here.

I used to avoid writing anything in my music that could be perceived as negative.

I felt like if I had an angry thought or uncomfortable feeling, it was better to process them on my own and then write a song later about being on the other end of that angry thought or uncomfortable feeling.

But lately I've realized...

That's dumb.

I used to really like being perceived as someone who had his shit together. I don't even know if that's actually how anyone perceived me, but I always tried to be that person.


But now, I'd rather be perceived as the guy who's perfectly comfortable with being in process.

Some of my best processing happens through writing music, so here we are.

I think all of us go through so much privately. More so than anyone realizes. 

What I have loved so much so far about Songs from a Sketchbook is that in choosing to offer up these unpolished pieces of myself, I have had those listening offer the same to me. 

I wasn't prepared for that, and it's the best part.

We're not the only ones feeling uncertain or insecure or hopeless... 

...or angry.

"In Fire" is about anger and it's a song I needed to write because it's a song I've always avoided writing. 

Mostly because it just never felt very nice to write about my frustration with another person. 

However, I've come to form an opinion about honesty recently which is that regardless of how it comes out, it does more for bettering you as a human being than being polite ever could. 

I think you can do both, obviously. There are healthy ways to go about voicing anger. But sometimes when we think of being polite, we go straight to "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" and suddenly that becomes the priority.


Not every thought we have is nice. Not everything we feel is nice.

If remaining nice keeps you from being honest, I think that can be potentially harmful to you and to others.

The problem is more so that we have a really hard time handling honesty. It makes us uncomfortable. Which probably goes back to us being taught politeness trumps all. 

So, 005 is about me choosing to honestly express some pretty harsh feelings.

Because in my opinion, if you don't have anything real to say, don't say anything at all.


004 Fallout

004 of Songs from a Sketchbook is called Fallout and is out now on Spotify & iTunes. You can also check it out by clicking here.

"Karma's a bitch."

Ever heard that before?

I don't know what I believe about the spiritual ideology of Karma, but I absolutely believe in consequence.

When you're a kid, you're shown right from wrong and told that if you do something wrong, you'll be punished. 

For example, you're told you can only have two chocolate chip cookies from the cookie jar and then mom catches you taking a third when you thought she wasn't looking and now you're sitting in timeout and there are tears of shame running down your face and onto your shirt that's covered in cookie crumbs. You're a mess. Get it together.

But what about this other expression that you've probably heard before as well...

"What mom doesn't know, won't hurt her." Insert mischievous emoji.

So instead of getting caught, you mission impossible the shit out of that cookie jar and sneak away with the biggest of the bunch. Extra chocolate chips and everything. 

Mom never finds out. You got an extra cookie. Where's the harm?

Morality is a complex conversation, but I think we can safely say that regardless of culture or religion, human beings share a lot of common ground. 

There are black and white lines we can point to and say, "This is right. This is wrong."

However, one day you become an adult and learn, as I have, that there is so much grey. Miles and miles and miles of grey between each black and white line. 

Sometimes it's hard to see where grey ends and a line begins. And it feels like for every absolute there's a variable that can threaten its validity. 

I say this because regardless of what we believe about right and wrong, we all make up our own code of ethics. We all, in one way or another, examine morality and define it for ourselves. 

There are laws you feel comfortable breaking. 

There are lies you feel comfortable telling.

There are rules you feel comfortable changing. 

Do you ever think about these things? 

I've been thinking about consequence a lot lately. Because I think I used to believe that some people can actually escape the consequences of their actions. Do you think that? Do you think people do bad things and get away with them? 

I think the answer we rush to is yes. Because we know there are people that have committed crimes and haven't gone to jail for them. But that's not what I'm talking about. 

I'm not talking about consequence in the form of tangible justice we can point to. 

I'm wondering... Is there really no harm in getting away with the extra cookie?

I want to argue that there is. 

I can say right now, honestly, that there are choices I have made, things I have done, that I believe are straight up wrong. 

Big things, small things, medium-sized things.

You know what I've learned? 

It's the things I've gotten away with that have damaged me the most.

This song is all about consequence.

In growing up, I've had to determine what I believe is right and what I believe is wrong and it's been a pretty messy process. But I want to be the kind of person that owns up to who they are.

I think before you can become who you want to be, you have to acknowledge who you've been. 

This song is about owning up to who I've been. The choices I've made. The things I've done. 

I love this song, not just because of the melody or lyrics but because of what I hope it signifies in me as a human being.  

Writing this song felt like turning a page. It felt like moving forward.

It felt like freedom.


003 Close

003 of Songs from a Sketchbook is called "Close" and is out now on Spotify & iTunes. You can also hear the song by clicking here.

I have this list of songs that I love so much that I wish I had written them. Like, I actually feel mad because the artist voices so perfectly what they're singing about and I know I could never do any better. 

One of those songs is called "Run Every Time" by Gavin DeGraw.

I'm listening to it right now while I'm writing this blog. You should too. 

It's all about struggling with commitment and other than being lyrically incredible, the kick drum is so warm and fat and I want it to be in every song forever and ever, amen.

As you may or may not know, I'm 26.

This means most of my friends are married, are about to get married, or are wondering when/if they're going to get married.

I feel... differently.

But before I go all crazy on marriage, let me say that the friends that I have that are married seem 100% made for each other. I admire who they are individually and as couples. They're easy to be around and each relationship is incredibly unique. 

Okay, so aside from needing to go to therapy to better understand my fear of commitment, this is how I feel about getting married in your twenties...

Around what age would you say most people become independent adults? By this I mean they've moved out on their own and their parents aren't keeping them afloat financially. 

Let's just say 25ish, cause I'm too lazy to google it. 

Here are some other really solid stats.

Most of us graduate from high school at 18ish and college at 22ish. 

That means that you've maybe been your own person for about 3-7ish years. By this I mean you're out in the world learning what it means to be a human that isn't living directly under the supervision of an/other human/s.

Do you think that's enough time to figure out who you are before entering into a lifetime commitment with another human who also had 3-7ish years to figure out the same?

We come into the world as blank slates and spend 18-22ish years being brainwashed in good and bad ways and then you enter the world again as an "adult" and get to choose what you do with everything that's been thrust upon you. 

So yes, I'm 26 but I really feel like a 6 year old stumbling aimlessly around the world. 

I just don't think it's enough time to know anything about anything. I think it's one reason we see adults in their 40's and 50's getting divorced and reverting back to something that resembles a teenager. They're trying to go back and figure out who they are as individuals because they never took the opportunity to do so when they were younger.

I want to look back on my twenties and feel like I really took advantage of the time I had. I want to be able to say, "Yeah, I did stuff. I tried that. I made mistakes. I traveled there. I was brave. I pursued my dream. I lived life. I felt free."

I operate presently with this future perspective a lot.

I'm not saying people can't do similar things in a relationship but it is different.

Even in the best, most healthy of relationships, both people have to compromise and act with the other person in mind.

I struggle with commitment because I feel like this may be the only time in my life that I'm entitled to being selfish. 

However, it does make me afraid that I might be passing up on something good, that I'm not allowing myself to fall in love because of my brain.

This song is about a girl who has suffered a lot at the expense of my brain. 

It's a very specific song, inspired by one of my personal favorites. 

One time, I was telling a friend these same thoughts and all she said in response was -

"You think too much. You need to have your ass kicked by love."

Maybe one day my stubborn brain will be ready to lose.


002 Broken Glass

"Broken Glass" is 002 of Songs from a Sketchbook and if you haven't heard it yet, you can do so by clicking here.

I remember being a kid and any time I broke something made of glass my initial reaction was to start picking up the pieces with my hands. My mom would say, "No! Don't touch it, just sweep it up!". She explained how there were pieces so small and so sharp that I'd probably cut myself reaching for the bigger ones. 

Even now, I can hear her advice when I break something made of glass and although I do pick up some pieces with my hands because I'm a rebel who lives fast and reckless, she has been right a few times. And now I have to apply my own bandaids. 

Every once in a while, I write down a phrase for seemingly no apparent reason. It's just in my head. For a while, I had these words in my phone -

"Who can save broken glass without losing blood?" 

It's a simple set of words obviously inspired by my mother's advice.

But then something will happen in my life and how I'm feeling will give new meaning to something I have written down in my phone. 

I went through a breakup recently and that phrase became -

"Who can save broken glass without losing blood or faith in love?"

The worst and best part about being human is all the intangible stuff that we can't see but affects us so, so, so deeply.

I like to think I'm a logical person who acts rationally, but I can't think myself out of feeling a certain way, even if I want to, even if I know it's for the best.

This song is about feeling like a captive to my emotions. It's about wanting to fix something I'm powerless to fix. 

I'm tempted to go in for the bigger pieces, but there are pieces I can't see. Pieces that will harm me if I rush in because I'm impatient and want to move on.

There's a line in the song that says "Here's a lie, I'll be fine, all these things just take time".

That's absolutely how we feel when we're standing over a mess, unsure of what comes next. We can't imagine things ever getting better.

I wanted to voice that. Feeling helpless. 

But it's not a lie. 

I will be fine.

You will be fine.

Time really does pick up the pieces.

Big and small.


001 The Last Time I Was Home

If you haven't heard, I released a song called "The Last Time I Was Home" and it's the first song in a collection of music I'm calling Songs from a Sketchbook. You can listen to that song here and read more about Songs from a Sketchbook here

Now that you've done those two things, I'd love to tell you a little about this song and what inspired me to write it...

First of all, I need to say that seeing "The Other Side" become the most popular song off the City Lights EP was like hearing it was okay to be myself.

That record was so much about learning how to write songs that could be sent to radio and while I'm proud of what I wrote and love how the production on that EP turned out, "The Other Side" was something I wrote when the record was practically finished and I was no longer thinking about how-to-become-a-radio-hit-writing-machine.

It was a scary song for me to write and it was even scarier to release.

It's all about not being good enough.

It's all about persistence for the sake of persistence.

Now more than ever, that's true.

It's persistence backed by no label. Persistence backed by no manager. Persistence backed by no booking agent. Persistence backed by no other band mates.

Wait, why do I do this again?

That's what I've been asking myself a lot lately. 

But when I look at a song like "The Other Side", I know exactly why I love songwriting. It allows me to embrace my humanity, and in doing so, heal and grow and move forward and then connect with people in the middle of the same process.

I want to write more scary songs.

I need to write more scary songs.

Which leads me to "The Last Time I Was Home"...

I stopped going to church about 4 years ago, and I stopped going for all kinds of reasons.

Mainly, I decided I needed to see for myself where what man has created ends and God begins.

Because it all seems too human to me. How God works. What he expects of us. All the rules. The language. The culture.

It all seems twisted and manipulated to make life make more sense. To make God make more sense. But in doing so, it just makes God smaller. Even worse, it weakens our ability to experience freedom, to extend grace, and to love each other. 

I understand churches can be different. I understand each person is different. But this has been my experience of most churches and most christians.

Believe me, I did not walk away easily. I grew up in it, I've studied it, I've argued it, I've exhausted it and now I want the real. I want the genuine. I want the truth.

Community is good. Freedom is good. Grace, mercy, love...

These are all things I value and want to experience and reflect. But I believe the structure that talks most about them is hindered by its own system. 

All of that is to say, I've experienced real loss in walking away. It was home for me for a long time. It was a place of comfort and it was a place of identity.

This song is about what it has felt like to leave home.

It's been difficult exiting a culture I was immersed in for so long, at such an impressionable time. It's jarring. It's part of me. For so long I thought myself separate from its fabric but the more time I spend away from it, the more I realize how threaded in I was. 

Outside the church, l've learned a lot about myself. I've experienced a lot of fresh perspective and my view of the world has grown. My view of who God might be has grown. But even more important than that, my love for other human beings has grown. 

I've also seen that I need some kind of structure. Some kind of something to help focus me. Because I'm human and a wild one at that. 

There's a middle ground somewhere. There's a community somewhere of people who aren't numb, who pursue truth, who don't try and rush other people to see the world the way they do and who look and act like love.

I'm definitely hopeful, but first I had to express this feeling. So I could move on. 

Expressing these kinds of things is hard, but I also believe that writing and releasing this song has helped me take another positive step forward on whatever journey it is I'm currently on. 

Being human is weird, am I right?

Here's to being in process...